GLAMMONS’ partners are glad to announce the new collaboration with ICOM-INTERCOM, the International Committee for Museum Management that is part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). INTERCOM’s interests include, but are not limited to governance; not-for-profit management practice in a theoretical framework; international law as it relates to museums; human and financial resource management; reputation management, and the financing of museums. The objectives of GLAMMONS closely align with INTERCOM’s mission and resonate with the findings of their recent global research efforts, including “Taking the Pulse” and the “MUSEUM WATCH Government Management Project“.

As Goranka Horjan, chair at the ICOM-INTERCOM board, mentioned: “Topics related to the Management field are crucial to understanding to stay relevant in our everyday work. We recently have been exploring topics like funding, collection development, and care, audience participation, operational and financial setbacks, challenges of decolonisation and restitution, and digital challenges – which are critical to embrace, and we are looking for your point of view to enrich them.”

Help us to explore these crucial topics, provide us with your feedback, and participate in our survey until the 10th of September.