About the PARTNERS

GLAMMONS involves 8 European partners:

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Greece), leader of the project, Stichting CREARE Social (The Netherlands), Inpolis Urbanism GmbH (Germany), Technische Universität Berlin (Germany), ESC Dijon Bourgogne – Burgundy School of Business (France), European Creative Hubs Network-ECHN (Greece), Mazomos Landscape and Heritage Consultants BVBA (Belgium), and NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub (Serbia).

They propose to map pre-pandemic practices across the sector, to fully account for the pandemic effects on the sector and to explore novel solutions that will inform GLAMs’ response and adaptation to the post-pandemic era, under a new conceptual paradigm that will advance GLAMs as the agents of change.

Panteion University
of Social and Political Sciences

Leader of the project

Panteion University is a high-profile research-led academic institution committed to the creation, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge, producing outstanding graduates and scholars specialising in cultural policy and the creative and cultural industries. It is an active participant in EU schemes, such as the Jean Monnet, ERASMUS, and Leonardo da Vinci programmes. It has coordinated and been involved in a considerable number of EU-funded projects under the 5th, 6th, and, 7th Framework Programmes for research and technological development, Horizon 2020 frameworks, and Marie Curie ITN actions, completing more than 300 funded projects. 

The host department (Dept. of Regional Policy and Development) has a rich research agenda in cultural policy and development issues. It has long experience in securing research funding from Europe, Greek governmental and non-governmental organisations, and private-sector institutions. Its staff and two research institutes have strong links with policy bodies and the local cultural and museum sector. Its experience and infrastructure will secure the conduct, coordination, and successful completion of the proposed research. Panteion will coordinate the project and will research GLAM assemblages and their links with other commons and regional development processes. The members of the research team from Panteion have extensive experience in researching the urban commons, through various European Commission-funded projects (e.g. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship.

Vasilis Avdikos, Consortium Coordinator
Dimitris Pettas, Senior Researcher
Martha Michailidou, Senior Researcher and Ethics Manager
Mina Dragouni, Senior Researcher
Eirini Iliopoulou, Project Manager

Stichting CREARE Social

The Netherlands

CREARE Social is an independent Dutch research center that develops research and evaluation that can support decision-making in the cultural sector. The objectives of the organisation are twofold: supporting the cultural sector by strengthening its role based on a balanced relationship between cultural, economic, and social values and collecting and providing scientific knowledge about the cultural and creative sectors.

The organisation builds its research capacities by working with outstanding international scholars and practitioners across Europe.

CREARE Social is working on the implementation of the Value-based Approach on different projects, across Europe, among others to support the processes of change in projects geared towards inducing transformations at the group, community, sector, and/or society level.

In GLAMMONS, CREARE Social will bring its expertise in the assessment and valorisation of (cultural) processes towards an understanding of the culture (in an anthropological sense) of GLAM commons throughout the analysis of shifts of values, stakeholders, and practices that emerge in different contexts. The valuation of social and cultural values will be done through the Quality Evaluator, aiming to augment its scope to Quality Evaluator+, which will assist GLAM communities to evaluate commoning arrangements within different and changing contexts. 

Dr. Lyudmila Petrova, Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. Arjo Klamer, Senior Researcher
Dr. Susana Graça, Senior Researcher

Inpolis Urbanism GmbH


Inpolis Urbanism GmbH is an international Berlin-based consultancy that offers services in urban and regional development. The focus of its work lies in community-based development and citizen participation in urban governance. Additionally, Inpolis Urbanism GmbH focuses on the cultural and creative economy. Over the past 20 years of its existence, the company has developed projects worldwide, in several European countries (Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Luxembourg), but also around the world, in Australia, Colombia, and South Africa. In 2015, it developed the Berlin economic framework for the Cultural and Creative Industries. More recently Inpolis Urbanism GmbH has created a series of policy frameworks for citizen participation in different fields such as tourism management, social services, and urban development. 

Inpolis Urbanism GmbH capacities will assist GLAMMONS in researching participatory management practices.

Dr. Ares Kalandides, Principal Investigator
Dr Bastian Lange, Senior Researcher

Technische Universität Berlin-TUB


TUB looks back over a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research and is one of the largest technical universities in Germany. The TUB has a professional EC Funding Support Service that has long-standing experience in the administration of EC grants (7th Framework Programmes: 211 contracts, Horizon 2020: 108 contracts amongst other EC-funded projects). The TUB provides an excellent research infrastructure with the necessary administrative and intellectual support to carry out international collaborative multi and transdisciplinary research projects (EU TUB office). The TUB has established different platforms to strengthen transdisciplinary research formats that engage stakeholders within the research process (e.g. the New Urban Agenda of the TUB or Labor K at the Institute of Urban and Regional Planning).

That expertise will help to structure the communication with relevant stakeholders throughout the research and to shape the dissemination and exploitation of research results. Moreover, TUB will utilize its vast experience in cultural policy, as well as research for efficient financial practices for GLAMs under commons.

Prof. Dr. Lech Suwala, Team Leader
Dr. Janet Merkel, Principal Investigator and Senior Researcher
Gerrit Manke, Junior Researcher

ESC Dijon Bourgogne - Burgundy School of Business-BSB


Founded in 1899, BSB is an international leading teaching and research school, belonging to the Top 1% of Business Schools in the world with its triple accreditation: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. BSB offers high-level programmes in management, from undergraduate to postgraduate level with a wide range of specializations. Since 2003, CEREN (EA7477), BSB’s Corporate Research Center, brings together the school’s research activities and French and international professors/researchers around six Research Axes related to Management Sciences and Economics: Arts and Cultural Management, Decisions and Behavior, Digital Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance-Governance-CSR, and Wine & Spirits. These translate into original and differentiated sets of themes (culture considered as the fourth pillar of sustainable development; the governance of cooperatives or family businesses; entrepreneurship education; financial inclusion; wine-business management, etc.) and into methodologies with, in particular, special emphasis on experimental economics within two unique research facilities, the Laboratory for Experimentation in Social Sciences and Behavioral Analysis (LESSAC), and the Wine & Spirits Business Lab involved as a major partner in three EU-funded projects (IPMDecisions, 2019–2024; PrimeWater, 2019-2023 and GOOD, 2023-2027).

Building on a strong publication record in the domains of behavioral research and especially behavioral economics, BSB will contribute with expertise in behavioral aspects of the GLAMMONS project, involving survey and experimental methodologies, as well as in aspects of cultural economics and digitalization in arts through its globally-leading research school in arts entrepreneurship and management.

Prof. Dr. Marilena Vecco, Principal Investigator
Laurie Moustache, Research Assistant (October 2023 -July 2024)
Prof. Dr. Nikos Georgantzis, Senior Researcher
Aswini Prabhakaran, Research Assistant (October 2023 -July 2024)
Dr. Eleonora Montagner, Recognized Researcher
Marta Ballatore, Junior Researcher (October 2022 -June 2023)
Dr. Cécile Schweitzer, Project Manager

European Creative Hubs Network-ECHN


ECHN is a peer-led network with more than 200 hubs around Europe. Its mission is to enhance the creative, economic, and social impact of creative hubs around Europe and neighboring countries. As focal points for cultural and creative professionals and businesses, hubs play a key role at the intersection of culture, economy, society, education, and technology, and offer the most effective way to support the growth and development of cultural and creative industries. ECHN proposes to its members a series of initiatives dedicated to hubs, the network, the industry, sectors, and the ecosystem as a whole such as mobility programs, annual meetups, learning opportunities, networking, and advocacy initiatives. ECHN has also extensive experience in formulating policy recommendations and working on skills development in the Cultural and Creative Industries, through several European Commission-funded projects (e.g. CENTRINNO, Coral-ITN, Chlaydoscope, Cyanotypes, EIT Culture & Creativity, Future DiverCities, GLAMMONS, Crowdfunding4Culture, S4Fashion, MakersXchange, Creative FLIP). ECHN has built up side initiatives to respond to current social challenges and needs such as Actions in times of urgency (during the COVID-19 pandemic or dedicated to displaced Ukrainian CCS workers) and Creatives Unite (an online platform gathering pertinent initiatives and information). 

In GLAMMONS, ECHN will lead the Dissemination and Communication, utilising its vast membership. Moreover, GLAMMONS will use the ECHN network when communicating the various surveys. Furthermore, ECHN will materialize on the project’s outcomes, trying to augment policy recommendations on commoning arrangements beyond the GLAM sector, for other CCIs, especially small-scale initiatives, and organisations in the fields of arts, design, and media.

Vassilis Charalampidis, Principal Investigator

Mazomos Landscape and Heritage Consultants BV


MAZOMOS specialises in landscape and heritage management. Our team has worked on rural, urban, and maritime landscape projects with communities, companies, and public agencies all around Europe and the Mediterranean. 

This project supports a key aim in the MAZOMOS mission statement, which is to promote the sustainable, resilient, and participative management of heritage and landscapes around the world. It draws on our extensive expertise in heritage commons, especially through the use of digital media. Through the GLAMMONS project, MAZOMOS will develop a digital tool called RESCAPER+ to help GLAM communities realise the potential of heritage commons (WP1-2-4).

Stelios Lekakis, Principal Investigator
Niels Dabaut, Project Manager

NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub


NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub initiates collaborations and designs education programs for innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, activists, students, professionals, organizations, and companies who are interested in taking an active role in shaping the way we will live, learn, and work in the future. Education programs developed by NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub offer a variety of learning experiences. Mentoring programs, webinars, intensive courses, study programs, creative campuses, workshops, multidisciplinary working groups, and peer-to-peer exchanges – they all aim to provide young professionals with the skill sets necessary in an increasingly fluid and shifting job market, as well as challenging economic and social circumstances, not only on the local but on the global level. NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub creates programs, projects, and collaborations inspired by a variety of topics, such as social innovation, green economy, sustainable business models, commons, responsible design, sustainable architecture, team culture, crowdfunding, the gaming industry, digital communication and fabrication, information technologies, biotechnology, and many others. Moreover, NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub aims to have an important role in the process of creating public policies, on local, national, regional, and European levels, with topics such as the development of the creative industries, new professions, and the future of work, non-formal education, digital humanities and other related fields. 

As such, NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub will lead the policy recommendations and will also create the skills development toolkit of the project aiming to educate GLAM professionals on financial mechanisms, participatory management practices, and ways to improve digitization in the GLAMs of the commons. Moreover, NOVA ISKRA Creative Hub will take an active part in the dissemination phase of the project.

Ivan Manojlović, Principal Investigator
Katarina Živanović, Senior Researcher
Kristijan Šujević, Project/Dissemination Manager
Miljana MIlojković, Researcher

Related Projects

Under the same Horizon Europe call (HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01), next to GLAMMONS, two other projects were awarded funding:

Throughout the project implementation, the GLAMMONS team is fully committed to finding synergies and collaboration opportunities with RECHARGE and LibrarIN and working together to achieve the common goals of fostering culture, creativity, and inclusive societies.

They propose to map pre-pandemic practices across the sector, to fully account the pandemic effects on the sector and to explore novel solutions that will inform GLAMs response and adaptation to the post-pandemic era, under a new conceptual paradigm that will advance GLAMs as the agents of change.