This year our partner CREARE starts with a series of workshops on value-based approach to emerging commoning practices in the cross-section between arts, science, and policymaking.

As part of GLAMMONS, they are exploring how the Joint Research Center SciArt residency changes the perspectives on social and nature pressing issues through bottom-up creative collaborations, including co-production and co-curation.

The overarching aim of the collaboration between CREARE and the JRC SciArt residency is to provide input to the understanding and assessment of common practices that emerge around community-led cultural settings. and understand:

1) What drives different groups to collaborate and co-create?

2) How does the collaboration change the practices of the different stakeholders?

3) How do science, arts, and policy converge to act towards common solutions?

CREARE believes with this research they can contribute to deep and empirical-based knowledge about the transformations that creativity and community-led practices generate through bottom-up collaboration and decision-making processes. Since 2016, the JRC SciArt project has been encouraging scientific and social innovation by facilitating the co-production between scientists, artists, curators, policymakers, and citizens that shape solutions to urgent societal questions. In this context, Lyudmila Petrova and Arjo Klamer (CREARE) met with the management team and the curatorial committee of the JRC SciArt in Brussels at IMAL Museum, a venue for creative initiatives centered on the innovative and critical application of emerging technology.