CREARE‘s research for GLAMMONS aimed to uncover the unique dynamics of cultural commons, particularly how they harmonize economic, social, and cultural values in their operations.

To delve into this, our partner explored the Vrij Paleis, a vibrant creative community nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, where they met with a diverse group of visual artists and artisans.

During their investigation of the Vrij Paleis community, they discovered a multitude of inspiring qualities that truly epitomize their artistic and organizational practices as a collective.

Vrij Paleis’ collaborative spirit is a beacon of inspiration, with the concepts of freedom and solidarity not just words but integral parts of their practices.

The way they co-curate and realize their purposes in the dynamic city environment is truly motivating.

The Vrij Paleis demonstrates the power of an inclusive, non-hierarchical model in supporting artistic diversity and experimentation.

The individuals behind the space have made a “home” for everyone who loves the arts, no matter their skill level or background. They offer a welcoming environment for artists and artisans to nurture their skills and showcase the diversity of arts and crafts in Amsterdam.

The Paleis welcomes all, from professionals to amateurs, and is a symbol of artistic inclusivity. 


Photo credits: Vrij Paleis